W Stands for Winners! The Wave Workplace Challenge – Winners!

Not only do Perthyn employees excel at their day jobs, they are in fact radio quiz champions too!

During the week of 10th to 15th September 2018, a group of very enthusiastic and outrageously talented Perthyn team members in Swansea went head to head against ‘Mad Science’ in The Wave’s Workplace Challenge, live on radio each afternoon at 2.30pm. Both teams were competing for the ultimate prize – a DAB radio and the prestigious title of The Wave’s Workplace Challenge WINNERS!’

Our quiz team consisted of the following members; Team Captain Melanie Lush – (HR), Lyndsey Thomas (Finance), Andrew Thomas (Finance), Charlotte Phipps (Finance), Hollie Delve (Finance), Gareth Morgan (HR), David Rees (HR), Keli Walters (Office Manager), Josie Parker (Training).

The first day of quizzing on Monday 10th September started off with a bang, with Team Perthyn smashed it with a winning score of 5 out of 5 points within the 30 allocated seconds. We then proceeded to win each day after that. The Mad Science stood a chance against the quick brains of our formidable team.

On Friday 15th September we began the last day of the challenge on 17 points, whilst our competitors only had 14 points, so we had pretty much won then already! After a week’s total of 25 questions, we were announced as the overall winners of the Workplace Challenge with a total of 19 points.

Sian Martin, the presenter of the radio show, said she’d really enjoyed the excellent banter she had with our team, taking delight in mocking Gareth Morgan with his delightfully funny ‘Hellooooo’ greeting, which she likened to the voice of British aristocracy from the 1920s!  Sian also made a mistake on one of the questions when she erroneously asked us what type of fruit a Pomegranate is, instead of ‘food’, which of course erupted into shrieks of laughter. The ‘Hellooooo’ greeting became our repartee for the entire week, and we believe many listeners will now want this audio clip as their ringtone! Anyone who would like to hear this sound clip can contact me and I’ll be happy to share it although royalties will have to be paid to Gareth Morgan!

We also heavily promoted Perthyn live on air, informing thousands of listeners that we’re recruiting for Support Staff across England and Wales. Great fun was had by all and we encourage others to participate next time, as it’s a great team morale booster.

To listen to our team’s fantastic success, please visit our intranet news page.



Melanie Lush