Specialist Support Service

Who Are The Specialist Support Service ?

The Specialist Support Team currently consists of:

Director of Specialist Support Service – Sharon Donovan

Assistant Director of Specialist Support Service – Simon Hardwicke

Behavioural Specialist – Helen Rawlinson

Behavioural Specialist – Denise Holland

Assistant Behavioural Specialist – David Thomas

Behaviour Specialist – Cathy Wright (East Midlands)


What is the Specialist Support Service ?

Perthyn is committed to supporting individuals with a Learning Disability to live a valued life in the community. In order to do this the model of support adopted ensures that individuals have:

  • Community presence
  • Competence
  • Choice
  • Individuality
  • Status and Respect
  • Continuity
  • Relationships

However, due to their complex needs and challenging behaviour some individuals that we support may require a more intensive level of support to achieve these principles.

As such Perthyn has its own Specialist Support Service who are able to provide additional advice and support to individuals and their staff teams where a need has been identified. The Specialist Support Service works in partnership with external professionals reflective of a multi disciplinary approach.