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We help individuals plan their support using tools and methods best suited to them, looking at the whole of their life, dreams, aspirations and opportunities for skill development and outcomes identified in their care plan.

We facilitate a Person Centred Review prioritising actions to help achieve their goals. Involving family members is key, as they very often have valuable information on what has worked well in the past or reasons why something has not. In addition, their involvement can help them to feel positive about plans to change what an individual does and consider any identified risks.

Clear action planning is needed to ensure everyone is clear about the objectives and steps taken to achieve them, where the individual requires support and how it will be targeted and delivered. Managers carry out regular reviews of the plan with individuals and others important to them to look at what’s working/not working from their perspective in relation to the support that is provided, ideas for new opportunities and what plans need to be in place for these to be a success.


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