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An interview with | Carlo Ferri, Pride 2024 

Carlo is the Development and Compliance Manager for England and Wales. Carlo lives near Oswestry with his husband and has been part of the Perthyn team for almost a decade. Carlo reflects on what Pride means on a personal level, and the importance of an inclusive workplace. 


What does Pride mean to you?

To me, annual PRIDE events are the expression of progress that has been made toward LGBTQ+ people having the right to live freely and authentically themselves. However, Pride remains a stark reminder of the journey that my community has had to take, and continues to take every year to highlight the continued discrimination toward LGBTQ+ people and other marginalised communities. There is still a long way to go until society fully values diversity of identity and human dignity.

How does Perthyn provide a safe and inclusive working environment?

Perthyn has always made me feel like I belong, which at its very core is what the organisation promotes. There has never been a moment where I felt unsafe talking to colleagues about my husband. I am treated like I am truly part of the team, where there is no exclusion based on your identity or personal values. 

Have you noticed a shift in attitudes over the last few years towards the LGBTQ+ community?

This is actually quite hard question for me to consider and answer without sounding a rather like a radical doomsayer, but as much as I would love to say there has been significant progress toward a more equal life for the LGBTQ+ community, it feels like we are taking steps backwards in attitudes. The politicisation of the community particularly toward Trans and Non-Binary people by the media, politicians and influential celebrities has seen progress come to a bit of an abrupt halt this past few years. PRIDE and the show of support from organisations and our allies is ever more important to provide safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community to be themselves. 

Outside of work will you be attending any Pride events and where would you recommend in the locality to celebrate?

This year Oswestry had its first ever Pride event. On 15th June 2024, the LGBTQ+ community took to the streets of Oswestry and marched from the park to the top of the Baily Head. While the weather certainly put a bit of a dampener on things, there was still a good little turnout for this small rural town’s first PRIDE. I popped along to have a look at what was going on but I am a bit of a fair weather outdoorsy type so found a lovely little restaurant to get some lunch and watch the festivities from the comfort of the indoors!! Shrewsbury will be hosting its very own PRIDE event on September 28th 2024 so if you are around why don’t you come and join me and help celebrate the diversity of human identity that Shrewsbury has to offer…. 

Thanks Carlo!

Should you wish to attend the Shrewsbury Pride, click on the link below!

Shewsbury Pride: Saturday 28th September 2024  https://lgbtshrewsbury.co.uk (Other Pride events are available). 

Perthyn would love to hear from our digital community. Will you be attending an event to celebrate Pride? Let us know in the comments. 

Gloucestershire Pride: Saturday 6th July 2024 - https://www.prideinglos.org.uk

Nottingham (NOTTS) Pride: Saturday 27th July 2024 - https://nottspride.co.uk

Carmarthen Pride: Saturday 31st August 2024 -https://www.facebook.com/carmarthenpride/posts/pfbid0R3SyAzMx9JTNJKQhCTs2aYqWQxtM5ne3vFJ3Er3Gif1NGD5jXAcZGrqARzT8ae3El

Pembrokeshire Pride: Wednesday 27th September - https://www.pembrokeshirepride.com/events


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