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Our ethos of valuing people for their unique contributions whether they are supporting, providing or receiving support actively contributes to our positive workplace culture and the high-quality support we provide.

What does it mean to work in Social Care

Here some of our staff talk about the work they do and the difference they make in peoples lives.

All our employees play a key role in enabling the people we support to live as independently as possible, to achieve their personal goals and become active and valued citizens within their own communities.

What is the difference between a Support Worker and a Carer ?

There are some key differences between being a support worker and a carer, at Perthyn our support is always person centred and encourages the people we support to do as much as they can helping them to develop and become more independant individuals.

Support work is an incredibly rewarding job and makes a fundamental difference to the lives of the people we support. 

To attract people with varying levels of experience and provide opportunities for development and succession planning, we have a variety of positions from front line Support Staff to Community & Regional Managers and Senior Managers along with specialist support services including Positive Behaviour Support, Compliance and Regulation, Human Resources, Recruitment, Health and Safety, IT, Finance and Payroll.

Although advantageous, previous experience working in social care is not necessarily required for all roles. More importantly our employees demonstrate they have the personal skills and attributes and are aligned with our ethos and values to have successful and rewarding careers with us.


What's it like being a Support Worker with Perthyn

Here Mark, one of our Support Workers, talks about his experiences since he changed careers and started working in Social Care with Perthyn.

Our robust recruitment and selection processes ensure the most suitable candidates are appointed. The specific needs and wishes of the people we support are reflected throughout the recruitment and selection process as they are involved in choosing their support teams, using a variety of tools and creative methods to help them.

Other roles within Perthyn

Not all positions with Perthyn are directly related to support, we also have a number of roles based in other departments that support the work of our Support Teams.

Here Tom, who works in our Learning & Development Department, talks about his experience of working for Perthyn.



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