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Perthyn has over 20 years’ experience delivering services for people who require a more intensive level of support. Our BILD and NAS accredited Specialist Support Service follows the Positive Behavioural Support Model that includes:

•            Comprehensive assessment to determine individual need and intervention

•            Formulation of Behavioural Management, Risk Assessment and Guidelines

•            Monitoring target behaviours

•            Staff training in preventing and responding to challenging behaviour

•            Providing Post Incident Support to staff and people they support

•            Advice on influencing environmental factors and impact of others in the home


To help individuals gain a better quality of life whilst protecting co-tenants and staff we;

  • Use a positive risk taking approach, helping people become more independent in their home whilst keeping the individual, staff and others safe.
  • Use rota management and Activity and Support Planners to plan use of resources, times and activities ensuring people have opportunities to develop skills and activities whilst promoting good relationships and minimising conflict and impact of behaviour.
  • Deliver BILD accredited Positive Behaviour Management training to Staff teams enabling them support each individual safely at home and in the community.
  • Provide ongoing bespoke training in relation to each individual’s and co-tenants needs, to feel confident and safe, helping consider how to share their home and staffing resources to minimise conflict.
  • Facilitate regular house meeting, helping individuals look at what’s working, voice frustrations and agree actions to develop positive relationships.

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