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Perthyn will continue to support people to have a voice and real control in their lives. We will actively work with people to ensure we listen to them and respond to what they want and need so that they enjoy a enriched and fullfilling life. Our intent is to ensure that our values are integrated into everything we do, whether this is in the office, our systems and procedures or when we directly provide support. 

Our Vision 
For people to be empowered to be active citizens enjoying their life and having a sense of belonging. 

Our Mission 
To work in partnership, using our expertise and resources to provide high quality innovative and individualised services, so that people can contribute positively to their communities and to society. 


We are ALL unique and have a right to be seen and treated as an individual. 

Equity and Diversity 
We will support people equitably by focussing on their individual needs and by acknowledging that everyone has different needs, experiences and opportunity 

For people we support, our staff and those we work with. 

We are fair and sincere, open and honest, both with each other and in all that we do, and we are true to what we believe in. 

Everyone should be given the opportunity to learn and grow and to have control in decisions that affect them. 

We strive to always act for the benefit of society as a whole. 

We want to do, and be, the best we can. 

We support people to use their skills and resources to make and take decisions for themselves and to be responsible for their actions. 

Do you have any questions or comments about what we do?