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Perthyn is a not for profit registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. We were established in 1995 in Wales. We work in both Wales and England and we are commissioned by Swansea, Cardiff, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Powys, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Shropshire.

Our Strategic Plan is for the people we support to be empowered to be active citizens enjoying their life and having a sense of belonging.

Our Strategic Plan is to work in partnership, using our expertise and resources to provide high quality innovative and individualised services, so that people can contribute positively to their communities and to society.

Perthyn is inspected in Wales by Care Inspectorate Wales and by Care Quality Commission in England. They repeatedly report that we meet all of the standards set out in every area we work in.

Because they are independent here are some of the things they have said about what we do-

  • People were supported to make decisions about their day to day lives and how they wanted to be supported.   Staff  used  objects  of  reference, photographs    and  signing  which assisted  people to  make  choices and     decisions.
  • Staff  knew  the importance of seeking people’s consent before they supported them.   
  • The  relatives  we  spoke    with were very positive about the care their loved one received. One  relative    said "The   staff are  really  lovely  and  I would  describe  the  care  my  relative receives   as  excellent. I   know  they  really    like the staff and there is a stable staff team which is very important to them”       
  • The  service  involved  people  in the  selection  of new  staff   and  considered  their  feedback as  part  of  the recruitment  procedures.  A  family member  said " my relative  gets  to  choose which  staff    they  want    to support them which is amazing."
  • We saw staff interacting with people in a positive and caring way and that staff had time to sit and talk and assist people when needed. One person told us “the staff are very kind and helpful” and “they always sit and talk with me”
  • We found that people using the service benefit from consistent, good quality care and support, and are treated with respect, dignity and empathy.
  • People can be confident that their care and support is provided by staff who are safe and are competent to meet their particular needs
  • We found that the service is very well managed. There is an effective management team in place with clearly defined roles and responsibilities

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