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Supporting people to include those important to them when looking at what they may want to change in their life can help everyone  to feel more positive about plans to do things differently and to consider any identified risks. In our experience risk is often an area of concern when looking at opportunities to increase independence or reduce support. We encourage sharing of concerns along with ideas on how people can develop while remaining healthy and safe.

Other ways we can help people involve those important to them, while still ensuring the person we are supporting is comfortable and remains in control include-

  • Regular reviews of the plans in place to look at what’s working and what’s not working.
  • Staff selection
  • Risk assessments, Best Interest Decisions and Support Plans
  • Ideas for new opportunities, and what plans need to be in place for these to be a success.
  • Registered Manager gathering views on the service being delivered
  • Including their feedback in quality audits, monitoring reports and action plans.
  • Distributing complaints procedures and satisfaction surveys.


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